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"Coach Jackie has an amazing ability to keep me on track. She is right there with me on that business roller coaster, through the ups and the downs, the spirals and the drops. She will re-center me and keep me focused on my path to success. Her techniques help me press on to the important matters letting go of beliefs or activities that do not serve me anymore. She has a calming presence that fosters that special PAUSE that brings clarity and rebuilds confidence. She is an accountability partner that not only motivates but inspires forward action and positive thinking. Her consistency keeps me persistent and hungry for more. She is an expert who has become my professional resource and personal advocate. Thank you 5 Star Jackie!"

Asta Timm, Relationship Coach

"“Jackie Schwabe:  When I first gave thought to hiring Jackie as a coach, I wasn’t even convinced that I needed help.  From the very first call, she has put me at ease about my feelings, and she has highlighted so many ways that I was missing out on opportunities to feel better ... even if I didn’t realize them.  She is engaging, persistent, and thorough in her advice, and the techniques she offers are effective even when I only use a portion of the concepts.  Best of all, Jackie is FUN!  She makes every call a positive experience (even during ‘fail’ weeks), and I always look forward to working with her again.”

Kyle, Retired Airman

"Even coaches need coaching, and as a professional leader coach myself, I couldn't ask for a more capable trusted advisor than Jackie Schwabe. She combines tact, candor, experience and insight with the patience of a saint to help me focus, prioritize, and plow through roadblocks. I leave every coaching session with her thinking, 'That was one of the most valuable hours of my week.'"

Cliff W Gilmore, PhD, CEO, North of Center