Build a Flourishing Coaching Practice

Watch the video on this page to learn how to build a content library you can sell for six figures a year, grow a $5,000/hr group coaching practice, and sell and deliver $20,000+ training packages.


The Playbook Revolution

The people and organizations grow and develop their people is about to change forever. Join us now and build a content, group coaching, and corporate training practice that delivers a high hourly rate for you, and tangible results for your clients.

Step 1

Borrow a six figure content library

With Flourish you get to sell consumer access to NanoCourses - the world's most actionable content library, designed to solve real and practical problems that individuals and companies need to solve, using playbook based learning.

Keep 100% of the revenue.

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Step 2

Build a $5,000 group coaching practice

Layer on a simple but powerful weekly call into your process and create the most valuable hours of your month.

Keep 100% of the revenue.

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Step 3

Sell and Deliver $20,000+ training packages

Sell and deliver workshops designed to help companies get their people engaged in playbook based learning, and deliver tangible outcomes.

Keep 100% of the services revenue, 80% of the first year platform revenue, and 20% of the on-going platform revenue.

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